The new World Update XIII creates a conflict with our version of Mataveri Airport (SCIP). 

The conflict means that several buildings are covering each other, terrain is incorrect and that the runway elevation creates a massive drop.

This is the issue.

You can easily fix this conflict within Microsoft Flight Simulator by following the below steps.

1 - Go to to Profile > Content Manager

2 - In the search bar of the Content Manager, search 'SCIP' 

You will see both the SoFly version of the World Update version 

3 - Click on the World Update version and a new button in the bottom-left will appear saying 'Delete'.

Click on this and it will remove the World Update version of SCIP Airport.

Once deleted, you will find the SoFly version of Mataveri is now running great without the runway issue.

This is how the runway will now look.